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Hungarian programs and festivals

Annual special events and festivals

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Budapest Spring Festival: 19/03/2010 - 05/04/2010
Designed to fit the needs of Budapest's cultural heritage and its requirements as a modern Central European centre, this metropolitan festival was instituted in 1981. By presenting and disseminating cultural assets it boosts the city's image and encourages dynamic development of its cultural tourism. This "festival of festivals", traditionally covering a range of artistic fields, presents a series of homogeneous artistic activities to which international professional symposia are linked. The Budapest Spring Festival takes place in the last two weeks of March. Its main emphasis is on those symphony orchestra concerts, opera and ballet performances which will appeal to the widest audience, but the program also includes open-air events and an Operetta Festival. Budapest Spring Festival

The list of events always includes renowned foreign guests as well as distinguished artists and groups from the Hungarian musical life. Highlights include classical concerts, productions at the Opera House, open air events, the Operetta Festival, the Dance House Convention, the Dance Panorama, and what are considered to be the real treat, the exhibitions.

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  • Inner City Saint Michael's Churc
  • National Theatre
  • Thália Theatre
  • Budapest Operetta Theatre
  • Festetich Palace
  • Palace of Arts
  • Hungarian State Opere House
  • Millenáris Teátrum
  • Papp László Sportarena
  • Uránia National Cinema
  • St.Stephen's Basilica
  • Hungarian Radio



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Sziget Festival - anno 1993 and nowadays
The Sziget Festival is one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe, and more recently, in the world. The festival is held annually in August in Budapest, Hungary and takes place on Óbudai-sziget ("Old-Buda Island"), a leafy island of 108 hectares (266 acres) on the Danube, thus Sziget stands for Island. Currently it boasts more than 1000 performances each year. Sziget festival

Sziget Festival is notable in that it contains acts from many different genres. 2006 saw, among others, a blues stage, a jazz tent, a world music stage, alongside the main stage with more typical popular rock acts. The festival is popular with west Europeans. Around 50% of visitors come from outside Hungary, with the largest group coming from France. Many also come from the UK, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Ireland. Being located on an island, some festival goers have tried to enter by swimming across the Danube or by paddling across in an inflatable raft. The organisers very much discourage these attempts claiming that it has never worked and that, due to the tricky nature of the fast-flowing Danube river.

The week-long festival has grown from a relatively low-profile 1993 student event to become one of the definitive European rock festivals by the late 1990s, with about half of all visitors coming from outside Hungary, including the UK and France.. It also boasts a dedicated "party train" service (with resident DJ's) that transports festivalgoers from Western Europe.[2] The second event (1994), labeled Eurowoodstock, was headlined by performers from the original festival 25 years after.

Sziget 2010 will take place from 09 to 16 of August.
In addition to music, the festival offers a plethora of other activities including cinema, dance, theatre, tattooing, Internet access, volleyball, tennis, football, bungee jumping and a life-sized foosball. The island is conveniently located in the city of Budapest allowing trips to the city centre during the day and allow the visitors from other countries to get accommodation in the inner city or Downtown

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Hungarian Grand Prix - Formula 1
The Hungaroring is a Formula One racing circuit in Mogyoród, near Budapest, Hungary where the Hungarian Grand Prix is held. In 1986, it became the location of the first Formula One Grand Prix behind the Iron Curtain. Bernie Ecclestone wanted a race in the USSR, but a Hungarian friend of his recommended Budapest. They wanted a street circuit similar to the Circuit de Monaco to be built in the Népliget - Budapest's largest park - but the government decided to build a new circuit just outside the city near a major highway. Hungarian grand prix

Construction works started on October 1, 1985. It was built in eight months, less time than any other Formula One circuit. The first race was held on March 24, 1986 in memory of János Drapál, the first Hungarian who won motorcycle Grand Prix races. According to a survey put together by the Hungarian national tourism office Mogyoród ranks third in venues visited by tourists in Hungary, following the Danube Bend-area and Lake Balaton, but before Budapest.

Other notable occasions in Budapest include first Grand Prix wins for Damon Hill in 1993, Fernando Alonso (in 2003), the first Grand Prix winner from Spain, who also became the youngest ever driver to win a GP, Jenson Button in an incident-packed race in 2006, and Heikki Kovalainen in 2008.

At the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix, it was confirmed that Hungary will continue to host a Formula 1 race until 2016.

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XIII. Zsidó Nyári Fesztivál
History of the Jewish Summer Festival from 1998 until today The Jewish Summer Festival, introducing Hungarian Jewish culture and traditions of many others is a multicultural, ever-growing, Hungary’s most important and biggest cultural-artistic event series. It attracts segments of the population which show less inclination to visit such events during the year in the last week of the summer. XIII.Summer Jewish Festival

Visitors can get to know the traditions and holidays of this thousands-of-years-old culture and can see performances of many world renowned artists. The Jewish Tourism and Cultural Center organized the first festival in 1998 in the framework of the Budapest Jewish Community, choosing the Dohány Street Synagogue, Europe’s biggest and most spectacular synagogue as its center. Not only is this synagogue one of Budapest’s most amazing sights, but is also a long-lasting symbol of Hungarian Jewry. Even prior to the festival concerts were held in this synagogue, and yet it was the Jewish Summer Festival that turned this magnificent building into a true concert hall. In 2006 we opened the Rumbach Sebestyén Street Synagogue to the public of the festival, built by the 20th century’s famed Viennese architect, Otto Wagner.

Jewish culture is represented during the festival through performances, concerts, exhibitions, youth and outdoor events, artisan and book markets and in all aspects of art. Klezmer music, one the basic pillars of the event-series, was highly represented ever since the first Festival was organized. We invited the best Klezmer bands of Austria, France, The Netherlands and naturally Hungary to an International Klezmer Festival. The star of the new festival’s opening act was the world-famous Israeli cantor Dudu Fisher, whose amazing performance was even broadcasted by Hungarian national television.

We ended the literature, gastronomy and theater program’s event-series with a by now traditional cantor concert, bringing a massive success that surprised the organizers too with is innovative ideas and class. The 1st Jewish Summer Festival has cashed in on its investments in all accounts. In addition to the amazing reviews from the public it meant an enormous professional achievement, thus creating a new tourist attraction, both for local and international visitors.

Summer Jewish Festival, Synagogue Budapest, klezmer music, Budapest Klezmer Band,Israeli Kombina Balett, Hungarian Jewish culture, The Jewish Museum held the Robert Capa photo exhibition, Adler Trio harmonica band. XIII.Summer Jewish Festival


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